M/s O. P. T O T L A & Co. Chartered Accountants


Corporate projects and its financial dynamics are to be worked-out well if any endeavor is to be given shape and result. We use our skills and resourcefulness in this arena to convert your sound ideas to reality. Housing, agricultural, and many small and medium-scale industries etc.are already seeing the light of the day by the concept of project-financing.

A sound ‘knowledge-base’ is required regarding the design of contractual arrangements to support project financing, issues for the host government legislative provisions, public/private infrastructure partnerships, public/private financing structures; credit requirements of lenders, and how to determine the project's borrowing capacity; how to prepare cash flow projections and use them to measure expected rates of return; tax and accounting considerations; and analytical techniques to validate the project's feasibility. We

We do assist in Warehouse/Cold Storage - Finance & Subsidy claims.




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